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Life Support Responds to COVID-19

Simply put, our Country is  in a state of chaos and panic as a result of the COVID-19  Pandemic. The  world as we  know it  seems to  be  falling apart right before our eyes.  We are all afraid, all of us. Afraid that we or someone that we love will become ill, afraid to go to work, afraid to leave our homes, afraid that we won't be able to meet our financial obligations. These are perilous times for sure.


Some of our loved ones  who are  essential employees still have to go to work despite the health risk. Children  have been removed from school and suddenly  you are not just a parent, you're a teacher too.  Then there is the  isolation and the loneliness  that accompanies the  mandate to Shelter  in Place.  

This National Health Crisis is like nothing we have ever seen in our lifetime, but you don't have to face it alone. Sometimes, when things feel out of control we just need someone to be there for us.  Not necessarily to fix anything, sometimes simply feeling that you are supported, cared for, and that you are heard is enough.


At a time when everything seems so uncertain, when the stressors are many and the answers are few,  there is  Life Support. 


Undoubtedly, we have some difficult days ahead. But  we are here, and we  want to do what we can to help. 


To that end,  for those that are  uninsured, underinsured,  struggling financially, but still need support, we are  offering discounted therapy sessions.  

Excessive Worry, Anxiety, and Depression can be paralyzing. Life Support was created to extend a lifeline to those suffocating under the weight  of their own emotional pain.


Let Us Help You. Give us a call or set up  an online appointment today. 



Hilary  Watson, LCSW-C, DOT-SAP







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